POB ranking 2019

Mazars Albania toped the classification of audit firms in terms of audit engagements and revenues. Public Oversight Board in Albania published for the first time the ranking of companies providing audit services for 2019.

Mazars in Albania is proud to announce that made it to the first place in both (i) number of audit engagements and (ii) revenues generated. This is an extremely important milestone which could not be achieved without operating as one team and the precious trust and collaborative approach of our clients – large and small – across all sectors.

Starting as a local firm 20 years ago, we combine today the scale of international, multicultural partnership with our deeply-rooted local teams so our clients and people get the best of both worlds: balanced perspective that is delivered in a personal way.

We recognize that this is just a first step and there is still a lot of work to do, but we believe to grow carefully/sustainably, responding to what our clients need and the changing conditions of the market, while always staying true to our values, beliefs and culture.

We strongly believe that as auditors we contribute to healthy and vibrant economies and prosperous world. This is why we will continue to offer an audit that is tailored to your business; one that looks beyond the numbers; and one that provides judgement, insight and challenge.

This important milestone could not be achieved without our Clients and Partners, so we take this opportunity to formally thank Them for the trust given to us.

Mazars Albania Team