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A return to growth for leading European construction companies – 2017 study

Our previous report, published last year, called on leading entities to take a cautious approach in 2016, in particular because of the state of order books at the end of 2015.
This caution has been confirmed by a year that saw the consolidation of business by leading construction companies: a decrease in activity and a slight margin improvement, reflecting a refocus on core business activities and greater selectivity.

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Transparency Report

Audit firms which perform legal audits of annual or consolidated accounts of public interest entities have to publish an annual transparency report on their internet site within three months after the date of their annual accounts.

You will find here the Mazars in Albania & Kosovo transparency reports published during the years.

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Overview of the new auditor’s audit report under the ISA

The auditor’s report is the final output of the audit process. Many users of the financial statements and stakeholders have called to have a more informative and relevant auditor’s report. There has been increasing criticism over standardised wording and a request for audit reports to be more transparent and tailored to individual clients.

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The Financial Reporting of Listed Real Estate Companies in Europe – 2017 Edition

In 2016, real estate investment in Europe fell by 9% by comparison with 2015 to €230 billion, but the listed real estate companies in our sample nevertheless achieved excellent financial performances.

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